3 Savvy Ways to Increase Your Productivity

While it can be comfortable to work at home in your pajamas, remote workers face challenges that may reduce productivity. From distracting phone calls to insufficient privacy, it can be all too easy to give up on work while you're at home. To boost your productivity and make working at home more pleasant, consider incorporating the tips below into your day.

Set Your Hours

When working from home, it can be tempting to work at odd hours or to work too long. For example, you might skip meals to work or you might work late into the evening on a regular basis. This often creates a vicious cycle that keeps you exhausted and may even make you burn out. To find a balance, it's especially important to set a working schedule for your work at home. Try to work during normal business hours (8am-5pm) and schedule in regular breaks for snacks and meals. In particular, try to avoid working past dinner or before breakfast. Most importantly, to maximize your productivity during work hours, keep your office space quiet. Silence phones and avoid checking non-work email or letting other distractions into your working time.

Paint Your Office

Painting your home office allows you to create a tranquil, inspiring setting that will enable you to maximize your time and do your best work. Some colors shown to increase productivity include neutrals such as light yellow, which stimulates creativity, and blue-gray, which promotes efficiency. If you are able to repaint, use neutral colors in your home office that inspire you to concentrate and be more productive. To use more than one color in your office, try painting most of the walls in a single color and leaving one wall to have as an accent wall in a contrasting neutral color. You can also incorporate neutrals in your accessories such as pillows, rugs, and office accessories.

Clear Out Clutter

Having a cluttered or disorganized home office can make it difficult to find important papers and complete tasks, and it also limits efficiency. To make it easier to be productive, try to clear out any clutter from your office area. Put away your papers, and invest in a filing system to retain important paper documents. Use a bookcase or shelving unit with doors to store important papers, and limit the accessories on your desk to those that are essential. If you can, try to digitize receipts and other business papers.

With these productivity tips, your home office will be an inspiring and efficient place for you to work, and you will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of working from home. Need more help organizing your at-home business? As your online business manager, Savvy Girl Friday can assist you in developing a system that will balance out the troubled areas in your business. Give me a call today!