3 Unexpected Industries Improved by Automation Technology

We are becoming used to the idea of automation being increasingly implemented in business sectors such as manufacturing and also becoming more integrated into the medical field. However, there are many other industries and areas that can benefit from the use of automation technology. Robotics and other automation technologies can increase safety, reduce costs and streamline processes in some surprising areas that are not often thought of in conjunction with advanced technology.


It makes sense that agriculture is a sector that is primed to take advantage of automation. Farming is becoming more consolidated, and small farms are disappearing. It is difficult to find seasonal workers for this often physically demanding type of labor. Using smart farming automation makes perfect sense. Agricultural robots are currently present on some farms and perform tasks such as planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and packing. A possible future use of automation is for autonomous tractors. Drones are useful for taking detailed images of the fields, and they could in the future plant seeds from the air.

Pest Control

Pest control companies do a lot of business that calls for regularly scheduled work for specific clients. This requires efficient data tracking to keep everything working smoothly. Advancements in web software are enabling greater efficiency by allowing automated scheduling, marketing, billing and more. Automation of these tasks allows your employees to focus on the actual jobs, rather than spending time posting data and running reports. With smart technology, your technicians can send in information from mobile devices when the job is completed, and this information can be added directly to the database. Saved time is saved money.

Wildlife Conservation

There are many areas of wildlife conservation efforts that are already benefiting from automation. It can be difficult to get close to certain species, and automated observation robotics can take images and compile information without requiring an actual human to be present. Collecting and analyzing sounds is a great use for automated software applications. Drones can provide valuable information through live feeds and video, such as animal movement and patterns of behavior.

It is exciting to think about all the different areas that new technology is affecting. Automation does not take away jobs, but it actually increases the job market by helping companies become more efficient and thus freeing resources for more human-directed efforts. Automation provides consistency that is reliable and profitable for all businesses.

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