4 Reasons to Hire Candidates Who Pay Attention to Detail

When you hire someone for your business, you need to look deeper than just his or her resume or credentials. A truly worthwhile candidate is one who is going to be able to perform his or her duties with as little issue as possible and who will be able to avoid the errors that others too easily fall victim to. These are four reasons to hire candidates who pay attention to detail.

It's the Little Things That Matter

Some people will argue that they're better at performing in terms of the "big picture," but if a candidate can't be trusted with basic, day-to-day tasks, how can he or she be trusted with the ones that could determine the fate of your company? Spark Hire talks about, “there are many different ways to assess potential employees, but testing them on their ability to listen, and ask effective questions based on their listening, solve problems independently, and engage in roleplay and other creative ventures tells a lot about a person.” You need to make sure your employees can handle all their responsibilities and not treat any of them as something that should be rushed. After all, the little things all add up to be big things.

Intricate Job Requirements

Candidates with attention to detail will have something of a third eye for when things aren't how they should be. A flaw in a product's manufacturing will be caught before it has a chance to be put on shelves in stores. A candidate should be able to spot minor issues with a product, such as checking its weight, in order to reduce waste and to keep costs low for your company. Recruit Loop says, “during the interview process, you should be sure to ask questions pertaining to times when the candidate has caught issues. Paying attention to detail doesn't mean you're always perfect, but it does mean you can get out of jams more smoothly.”


Have you ever met someone who gave you good vibes within seconds of interacting? This isn't a quality that can be easily faked. The Hire Talent says, “what is your most significant achievement? The answer to this question reveals a lot. Not only do you learn about what the candidate believes is his or her most significant milestone in his or her career or previous position, but you learn a bit about the candidate, his or her personality, humility, and line of thinking.” You can have a better understanding of a candidate's qualifications by asking this. Knowing he or she can handle the workflow is crucial.


While you should have patience with your employees, they should also have patience for their work environment. MBA Universe explains, “someone who is easily frustrated or combative when facing difficulties is one who won't be able to focus on details. A failing of patience generally shows a lack of commitment and resolve.” Your employees need to be willing to take their time to come to solutions. When interviewing, bring up examples of potentially stressful situations that could arise, and ask how the candidate would address those issues. The answer will say a lot about the candidate’s chances of success with your company.

Paying attention to detail isn't something that can be easily taught by another person. Everyone needs to hold himself or herself accountable to focus on each part of his or her obligations, no matter how small those requirements might seem. By hiring trustworthy and qualified candidates who pay attention to details, you can trust that your business is in good hands.

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