5 Reasons Why Review Automation Helps Your Business Grow


The proliferation of affordable technology has enabled businesses of all sizes to gain an online presence, and that includes yours. One tool that is used to help differentiate your company from another is reviews. Given that reviews can be used to help grow your business, it makes sense to employ review automation to gain customers and maintain a positive reputation.

Saves Time

You already have enough to do to keep your business growing and stay ahead of your competition. The same can be said for all the employees you have, so any time saver is a sure advantage that leaves you time for other important tasks, like gaining customers and keeping them happy. According to Impact, “78% of marketers say automation increases revenue and 75% of brands using automation see ROI in under 12 months.” Saving time also leaves you with more energy so that you can focus on providing the best customer service possible.

Boost Online Rankings

The ratings your business receives can greatly improve your location on search results. According to Podium, “online reviews can help your business stand out among your competitors because the testimonials often show up next to your listing in the online search results. The more positive reviews your business has, the higher your rankings will be.” When your rankings are higher, you can see more revenue because you appear ahead of your competition in online searches.

Get More Responses

Think about the last time you saw a code or link on a printed receipt for an online survey. Now, think of the last time you actually filled out the survey to provide your feedback and review. Several review automation software packages provide features to remind your customers via email or SMS texts to fill out a survey. According to EcoConsultancy, “survey your customers again and again, offering an incentive can greatly improve their chances of actually filling it out.”

Sometimes it takes a friendly reminder to your customers. Just as it's easy to forget about the survey on a printed receipt, it's also easy for your customers to forget to give a review. Their lives are probably busy as well, so automating these friendly little notes helps you in the long run.

Stop Negative Reviews

While positive reviews really help bolster the reputation of your business, one negative review can be all that's needed to send potential customers to your competitors. Whether there may have been some merit to a complaint, or it's clearly an overt attempt to thwart the reputation of your business, review automation helps stop one-star reviews from posting online. When you have the power to intervene after being notified of a bad review, you have the chance to protect your reputation and keep your reviews and rankings high.

Though search engines like Google will remove fake negative reviews, the impact of a fresh bad review can wreak havoc on your sales. According to Fakespot, “analyzing reviews and knowing if they’re real or not can greatly improve the chances of real reviews rising to the top.” Being proactive is one of the best ways to prevent a dip in business because of some false claim or a customer who refuses to ever be satisfied. Protect your reputation with reviews that are real, particularly the good reviews.

Keep a Work-Life Balance

Whatever your role may be, there's more to life than all work and no play. Review automation software helps you to maintain a work-life balance by automating a task that can seem overwhelming in both time and emotional resources. Of course, you care about your business, which is probably why you are reading this, yet you need to take care of yourself with some time for you and your family so that you can properly care for your business.

Technology already makes it easy for you to run a business, just as it does for your competitors. A time saver that helps protect the reputation of your business and boost rankings is a win-win. Review automation makes your business's growth possible while also affording you some time for yourself.

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