BBM: Launch No Launch

BBM Coming soonWere you waiting for the launch of BBM over the weekend? So was I, and as the weekend came and went, still we did not get to play with the IOS or Android version of BBM.  What should have been a smooth launch turned into anything but that. Blackberry announced the launched early last week. As a former Blackberry user, I was happy to hear the news of BBM coming to Androids and iPhones. Many of my colleagues still use Blackberry devices.  I was up bright and early Saturday morning, with my coffee in hand, waiting for the launch.   I logged into Google Play Store and found a ton of fake BBM. (Wow! That did not take long at all.)

Someone leaked an unofficial copy of the BBM on the internet, and the leaked software caused major problems. Blackberry stated earlier on Saturday that  1.1 million people downloaded the unofficial software in  the first eight hours.  Blackberry did not elaborate on what problems it caused, they did release a statement about the launch being put on hold.


It seems Blackberry was not ready for all the "what ifs" that come with new software launches.  I know the company has struggled in the last couple of years.  Had this launch gone as planned, people would be cheering Blackberry. Instead, we are left to wonder exactly what is going on at Blackberry headquarters. No date has been given for the next launch. Fingers crossed that the next attempt goes off better that the first attempt.