Business Shenanigans

If you are a business owner looking to develop a website, please read this before you do! In the last few months, I have heard many sad stories of entrepreneurs losing their domain names to web designers who refuse to turn them over.   The domains names are being held for various reasons like demanding the client buy the name from them or just flat out refusing to let it go. These are business shenanigans that need to stop.

It's a shady way to do business. Yes, I said shady.

There are several things you as a business owner need to ALWAYS be a part of:

  • Always put it in writing if you are going to hire someone to build your website.
  • Always ask for references. I  send them even if the potential client doesn't  ask me for them.
  • If the web developer has a contract for you to sign, don’t just scan the contract, READ it.
  • If the web developer does not have a contract then you need to have one written up and it needs to outline everything that needs to be done.
  • Make sure there is verbiage in the contract that states you ARE and WILL be the sole owner of your domain name and that you are responsible for the billing. (Do not allow the developer to bill you)
  • You, the owner, need to purchase the domain name and the hosting yourself. Why? Because it’s yours and doing so will save you headaches in the long run. You can then share the information with your developer.

All it takes is a few extra steps on your part to save yourself a headache later down the road. I'm reminded of something Oprah once said. She said, “Always sign your own checks!” Yep, she is a busy woman, but she still makes time to handle her business by signing her own checks. :-) So, Handle your business. :-)