What Mobile Safety Measures are You Using?

Today we can  do just about everything from our mobile telephones. While this is a big convenience for us, we still need to stay secure and protect our phone from viruses and malware. So, what mobile safety measures are you using? I want to share two of my favorite apps that  I use to keep my android mobile phone safe and virus free. All of these apps are available in the Google Play Store. It is important that you only download your android apps from the Google Play Store. Doing so will cut down on the likeness of you download malware or bad apps.

My favorite security apps are:

AVG Antivirus Pro– I have used AVG on my PCs for years. And then when I found out about the antivirus protection for mobile phone, I downloaded it right away. Some of the features are anti-theft, privacy and it also comes with performance boost to help speed up your phone. The subscription is $14.99/year. Or you may use the free version.

CM (Clean Master) Security – is free in the app store and it has some great features like: malware scanning, memory boost, and my favorite app lock.

I use each of these apps to keep my mobile phone safe. If you are not using an anti-virus or malware app on your mobile phone, please re-consider it. Our mobile phones are just as vulnerable and our computers.

If you have a favorite security app that you are using, Share it with me in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Review: Logitech K360 Keyboard

  A few weeks ago, my keyboard died a slow and painful (at least is was to me) death. So off I went to Best Buy to look for a new one. My Logitech K360 Keyboard, Savvy Girl Fridaydesk is only so big, so I really needed a somewhat compact keyboard. I decided to go to Best Buy because of their keyboard display and because I could play around with the different keyboards.

There were a ton of different keyboards to choose from but I zoomed in on the Logitech Wireless K360. The design is somewhat compact and it is very comfortable to use. I love that it is wireless. That for me is a big plus. The price is reasonable for a decent keyboard. You can buy it from Amazon for $19.99 or Best Buy for around $25. I chose to buy it from Best buy because I needed it ASAP.

I am really particular about my office equipment. It has to be able to handle heavy usage. The keyboard specification are:

  • Wireless
  • 107 Keys (including media keys)
  • Battery operated (comes with two AA batteries)
  • PC compatible (it states in the manual that it is not Mac compatible but I am able to use it just fine)


If you are in the market for a new keyboard, take a look at the Logitech K360 keyboard. I think you may really like it!




Preparing Your Business to Weather the Storm

Preparing your business to weather the storm, savvy girl fridayI decided to write this article while I prepare for snow storm 2014 on the east coast.  A few years ago we had a situation similar to this upcoming snow storm.  The weatherman stated the storm would be in and out in a couple of hours. Well, it decided to stick around, and it snowed for 24 hours straight. We lost power at the worst time.  It's a chore to try to prepare your business in the mist of a storm. I learned my lesson.

My Dilemma

At the time, I was doing  some freelance work  for someone on the west coast, and I really needed to get the finished product to them. Due to the power failure it seemed impossible. My laptop was dead, but the phone lines were still working. Yes, I had dial-up at that time. :-)  I remembered my husband had an inverter in his truck so I put my jacket on and headed to the truck with my two 100 foot phone lines in tow. I was able to power up my laptop and send the work to the client. Ever since that day I have had what I call my "Go kit" ready for times like these.

Go Kit

Since I now run a full-time virtual assistant business, I put together a kit to aid me in emergencies. Here's what I have in it:

Verizon MiFi Inverter (I really like the one I have. It has a plug for a cell phone charger) External SmartPhone Charger (I love this thing) Laptop Cables for cell phone, tablet etc. Flash drive

Since I put my go kit together, I have had to use it a few times. I'm glad I decided to do this  because I've been able to keep things flowing as normal despite the weather.

I would love to hear how you have prepared your business weather the storm.

 "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." --Collin Powell


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BBM: Launch No Launch

BBM Coming soonWere you waiting for the launch of BBM over the weekend? So was I, and as the weekend came and went, still we did not get to play with the IOS or Android version of BBM.  What should have been a smooth launch turned into anything but that. Blackberry announced the launched early last week. As a former Blackberry user, I was happy to hear the news of BBM coming to Androids and iPhones. Many of my colleagues still use Blackberry devices.  I was up bright and early Saturday morning, with my coffee in hand, waiting for the launch.   I logged into Google Play Store and found a ton of fake BBM. (Wow! That did not take long at all.)

Someone leaked an unofficial copy of the BBM on the internet, and the leaked software caused major problems. Blackberry stated earlier on Saturday that  1.1 million people downloaded the unofficial software in  the first eight hours.  Blackberry did not elaborate on what problems it caused, they did release a statement about the launch being put on hold.




It seems Blackberry was not ready for all the "what ifs" that come with new software launches.  I know the company has struggled in the last couple of years.  Had this launch gone as planned, people would be cheering Blackberry. Instead, we are left to wonder exactly what is going on at Blackberry headquarters. No date has been given for the next launch. Fingers crossed that the next attempt goes off better that the first attempt.