New Kids on the Social Media Block

Have you heard about the "new kid's" on the social media block? No? Here's the scoop. The new kids are Tsu and Ello. These are the latest additions to the social network world. I'm sure some of you are saying, "Oh no, not another one!"  Yes, another one or two.


Tsu is a social network company, based in New York that promises to share their ad revenue with its users  that actively post and invite their friends to  join. For a more in-depth understanding of Tsu, check out Kurt Wagner's article, "New Social Network - Which Pays Users Who Post - Raises $7 million.  I signed up for the service this morning (it's been on my to-do list), so I'm going to try it out to see if this something I may want to stick with.


I am still trying to get use to Ello, another social media network that is still in beta. There has been a lot of talk about Ello on other social media platforms.  So many people were signing up, the servers crashed. It took a good while to receive an invite.  This network states it is 100 percent ad-free and they promise to stay ad free.  The interface of Ello is very basic and after using the social media platform for two weeks, I can say that I am still on the fence about the platform and all it has to offer. It takes a lot of getting use to and I am not there yet.

I would like to hear your thoughts about Ello and Tsu.