What Mobile Safety Measures are You Using?

Today we can  do just about everything from our mobile telephones. While this is a big convenience for us, we still need to stay secure and protect our phone from viruses and malware. So, what mobile safety measures are you using? I want to share two of my favorite apps that  I use to keep my android mobile phone safe and virus free. All of these apps are available in the Google Play Store. It is important that you only download your android apps from the Google Play Store. Doing so will cut down on the likeness of you download malware or bad apps.

My favorite security apps are:

AVG Antivirus Pro– I have used AVG on my PCs for years. And then when I found out about the antivirus protection for mobile phone, I downloaded it right away. Some of the features are anti-theft, privacy and it also comes with performance boost to help speed up your phone. The subscription is $14.99/year. Or you may use the free version.

CM (Clean Master) Security – is free in the app store and it has some great features like: malware scanning, memory boost, and my favorite app lock.

I use each of these apps to keep my mobile phone safe. If you are not using an anti-virus or malware app on your mobile phone, please re-consider it. Our mobile phones are just as vulnerable and our computers.

If you have a favorite security app that you are using, Share it with me in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.