Savvy Services

  • Administrative Support

  • Virtual Office Setup

  • Tele-summit Support/Management

  • Email marketing & Automation

  • Project Management

  • Website Maintenance (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress)

  • Webinar Setup and Management

  • Social Media Management

Deep Dive Services

Savvy Brain Dump Session

You have all of theses ideas about things you want to implement in your business, but all you have is an idea. Does this sound familiar? Here is another one, Do you have journals that hold your “someday” list? Yes, I know because that was me until I discovered the power of a Savvy Brain Dump. For 90 minutes you and I will work together to P.I.O.P. “Put It On Paper.” During this session I will:

  • Help you organize your thoughts

  • Prioritize your ideas

  • Develop a strategic plan of action

Cost: $300.00

Savvy Systems Intensive

Let’s Get Systems Savvy! How are you running your business? Do you have a system in place or are you winging it? It’s okay because my 4 hour Savvy Systems Intensive will have you on track in no time. Your business should run like a fine tuned machine and if its not, there will be hiccups. In the S.S.I., we will work on the following:

  • Client on-boarding process ( Contracts, delivery, etc)

  • Communicating with your clients and team

  • Automation and the proper way to use it in your business

  • Develop Standard Operation Procedures for your business

  • Social Media Audit. Are you reaching your audience?

  • Explore the software you may need for your business

  • Develop goals and implement them

  • CRMs

  • Draft canned responses

  • Setup a digital file system for your virtual office

  • The importance of documenting everything

Cost: $800