A telesummit is a great way to build your list as well as a way to reach your target market.  Telesummits are generally held over a certain amount of days to a number of weeks.

A lot of work goes into planning and executing a telesummit.  There are many pieces to the process such as securing speakers,  gathering all of the speakers information, setting up forms, designing the event page, etc.

Savvy Girl Friday can assist you with the setup and execution of your next big telesummit. We offer two different telesummit plans.

Telesummit Basic (Tech Support Plan)

Telesummit Basic Tech Support is for a coach or speaker who has developed a detailed plan for their telesummit and just needs tech support. Savvy Girl Friday can provide the following tech support services:

  • Design your pages (opt-in, sales and thank you) and add the necessary details for your event (branding, banner, speakers headshots and bio information).

  • Schedule emails for the telesummit

    • Auto Responders

    • Promotional emails, etc.

Please contact SGF for more information

Basic Plus (Management Plan)

Includes everything in the Basic Plan, plus the following:

  • Savvy Girl Friday will work with you to develop a plan of action for your telesummit.

  • Speaker Management- stay in contact with the speakers to make sure all materials needed for the telesummit is received in a timely manner.

  • Complete setup of the telesummit (troubleshooting, testing, etc.)

  • Setup your product(s) in your Shopping cart.

  • Graphic designs (quote cards, banner)

  • Setup affiliate links

  • Marketing-setup marketing campaign via social media and your marketing software (copy created by you)

  • Setup audio and video file the service you wish to use. (Instant Teleseminar, YouTube, etc.)

Please contact SGF for more information